KoЯНА (wawachan) wrote in dangergang,

Danger Gang's new costumes

So they finally posted an official picture on their OHP!


Thanks to shnumpkin for informing me immediately <3

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yay! they look gorgeous <3
but I like hikos and reis outfits the most ^-^
Those outfits are so pretty! (* ___ *)
They all look fantastic! I really love Hiko's outfit. ♥

Deleted comment

Yaw, and her hair looks good °O°
Hiko looks even more femme! love it. however i've been on a stage or two, so i know the heat can get brutal. how do they do it in such heave upper wear???
Maybe they do some yoga right before the show XD
Oh, sweet! I love it!

Hiko's costume is definitely my favorite, but everyone looks amazing. I really love what Rei has done with her hair, and Waka looks like a little doll! She must be wearing heels this time because usually everyone towers over her. xD

Has anyone noticed that all their hair is voluminous on the same side? xD
Wah, i haven't noticed that! But you're right, Waka must wear heels... or stand on a box XD

Now you're mentioning it... that's weird XD