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Danger☆Gang - [All girls]J-rock band's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Danger☆Gang - [All girls]J-rock band

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JROCKQUICKIES [24 May 2009|06:56pm]


jrockquickies jrockquickies

Introducing a community dedicated to minimum hassle, maximum updates. Also specially for those people who are always moving around, people who go online using their phones, iPods and PSPs or other devices like that.

I mean, have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I don't have to go through all the junk on my f-list to get to the good stuff! Especially on my phone, it's so damn bothersome!" ....Well, I have thought that. This community is dedicated to jrock news and updates that are kept short and simple!

sorry if this is not allowed. feel free to delete.
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[06 Apr 2009|06:43pm]

The members have all changed their blog adresses to Ameblo! Here are the links:

WAKA: Ameblo.jp/vocal-waka
HIKO: Ameblo.jp/guitar-Hiko
THERA: Ameblo.jp/bass-thera
REI: Ameblo.jp/drum-rei

They're offline at the moment, but they will be avalable to view on the 7th of April.
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Icons! [03 Feb 2009|08:10pm]

[06] Tarja Turunen
[26] Fashion


HERE @ wilderness
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[31 Aug 2008|11:45pm]


alice nine. {35}
Kra {12}
Merry {19}
Serial<=>number {12}

Danger☆Gang {4}

here @ [info]vicinity_love

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Icons~ [05 Aug 2008|01:16am]

[08] - the GazettE → Aoi


HERE @ empuosai
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Icons! [04 Jul 2008|02:03am]

Danger☆Gang{Hiko & Waka}➝13


here @ puppet_skull 
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Pre-Order St. Beast! [13 Jun 2008|05:07pm]

[ mood | good ]

Since i get an Artist Newsmail, if there are any releases from Danger Gang on CDJapan, i also got one for the pre-order of their upcoming album St. Beast.

Check it out here!

x-posted: danger_gang, dangergang, renai_janki

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Fanart!! [05 May 2008|07:50pm]

Hi guys!

I made some There-fanart a while ago and just now remembered that I should probably share (plus there hasn't been much fanart in here O_O) so here you go \o/

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I personally like Danger Police Thera better, I worked on it more, but I felt sad for the other pic so I'll post it as well :D

Opinions are highly appreciated!!!


x-posted in danger_gang  

EDIT: Bigger scans here and here 'cos I'm too tired to fight with imageshack for better uploads >_<
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~Japanese Translator Need~ [26 Apr 2008|06:49pm]

[ mood | calm ]


As you know we are the translators of Danger gang
since we started translating for another band as well....we have been pretty busy
I was wondering if anyone would like to help translate Hiko
it is fine if there is no one who can help, I'd more than gald to continue translating her
but help would be more than appericated
Please reply in a comment, or contact one of the translators

person needed:

not alot of experience needed..
has lots time...
And will talk and join teh shoonky & pumpkin club in translating

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Hey there! [23 Apr 2008|04:03pm]

I was wondering if anyone visited a Danger Gang concert so far and is able to tell me, what merchandise they're selling and how much you have to pay for it.

That would be very helpful,
Thanks in advance <3

x-posted: danger_gang, dangergang and renai_janki
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feathers of sorrow cover [14 Apr 2008|01:09am]


I tried...

and I thought I did rather well.

So..tell me what you think?
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みんなさま! Danger Gang's costume pictures <3 [06 Apr 2008|01:48pm]

Okay, maybe some of you know, that i own the Danger Gang photobucket account.
I closed it for a while, to update things. So i'm about to organize the girl's costumes and now i kinda need your help.
First i thought i could sort them into folders named after the single or album the released at that time and my second thought was the period of time they wore each of their costumes. Something like "2007 - 2008" then. But i found that kinda complicated. So now i decided to name the folders just in the order the had woren them.
What do you think? Would that kinda help you guys with cosplaying and other things? <3

So, your help for now would be, to tell me, if i'm right with the order of their costumes or if i forgot one of them. So far i found 7 different ones.

A little dokumentation of Danger Gang's costumes within the yearsCollapse )

Isn't it funny to see how they changed? <3

Oh, and currently i'm uploading a lot of scans, like Danger Gang's calender for 2008 and booklets. Maybe i'll post them within the next time then <3

Thank in advance,
わわちゃん <3

x-posted: danger_gang, dangergang and renai_janki <3
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Danger Gang's new costumes [05 Apr 2008|07:01pm]


So they finally posted an official picture on their OHP!


Thanks to shnumpkin for informing me immediately <3

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Waka's new costume [05 Apr 2008|02:16pm]


Waka posted this picture a while ago.
There's almost her whole new dress on it!


Doesn't she look so adorable and pretty? ;O;

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[04 Apr 2008|10:48pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Looks like the girls have new costumes!

Under the cut...Collapse )
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[16 Mar 2008|01:07pm]

[7] Danger☆Gang (waka, thera & hiko)

FO Banner
[3] Danger☆Gang (group, hiko, waka)


here :3
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Danger Gang livereport on JaME [21 Feb 2008|07:30pm]



a livereport o the band's oneman in September. It also tells that's there's a PV out for Duty and that Danger Gang will feature on a female compilation album, which will also be released in Europe and the U.S aside from Japan.
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[09 Feb 2008|09:49pm]

Hey Danger Gang fans!
Five For magazine is offering a chance to win a signed copy of Duty. Deadline to enter is 2/21, so get your copy now and enter to win!

Issue #2 features Danger Gang, Hitomi Shimatani, BACK-ON, the pillows, and more.

Danger Gang interview~ [23 Jan 2008|10:42am]

We'd like to invite Danger Gang fans to check out our hot off the presses new magazine, Five For!
Five For is an English language, bi-monthly, JMusic publication, and this issue we have an interview with Danger Gang, as well as interviews with Hitomi Shimatani, the pillows, BACK-ON, Danger Gang. We also have live reports for BACK-ON, Koda Kumi, Moi Dix Mois in spain, and Falsies on Heat/Red Bacteria Vacuum.
In this issue, you can enter for a chance to win a SIGNED copy of Duty!
It's on sale now at www.five-for.com
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Core -心- LIVE [19 Jan 2008|06:32pm]

I uploaded the video~


Sorry If this is a repost ^_^;
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